Apr 29, 2009

April's Green

april's green has impact
softens light
conveys hope
lifts spirits
hides winter's debris
announces tulips
teases the senses
calls out to the housebound
heralds the arrival 
of may

Apr 23, 2009

North Shore 1968

old samoan nods
poi dog 
follows him into surf
sun moves toward noon
me- I roll over
yell at kids
more lotion
much later
old samoan and dog
he nods
me - I roll over

Potsdam 1997

in river reflections
approaching under sail
to eat your crumbs
always regal
matilda's friend
john the swan


the key to the door
the way out
the path
the escape
the exit
the resolution
is the exit sign lit?

Apr 21, 2009


she who
makes arbors
protects birds
worries about others
kicks ass
gathers lavender
dreams of pots
waits for cecile brunner
studies glazes
screams bullshit
lives full out.
demeter, give her a break...

(for linda)

Florence 1971

photo thanks to: farm1.static.flickr.com/ 251/453890781_3a0d4b3..

long ago
apple blossoms above Florence.
old Renault, tiny campstove
mother two daughters huddled
us in regimented lawn chairs
rented trailer-enduring
me- dreaming of escape


first spring heat
mobs of frantic
local nurseries
bursting with color
earth still cold.
planters over eager
yet, to see their bliss
clematis magnolias
petunias tomato plants
crammed on carts
loaded  in SUV's
heading home to Babylon


Joe's tomatoes were legend
firm, giant red globes
cut the middle slice
add mayonnaise and bread
now to remember his tricks
and grow my own

In memory of Joseph Hudyma

Apr 18, 2009

The glorious sun has returned

Photo by Lana Weed

cats know
about dreaming in the sun
about can opener music
about cars that return 
at 5 o'clock
they know about pleasure and joy
they give and give
no wonder they were worshipped

Apr 15, 2009

Spring Hunt

spots of snow scattered
brook whispers: here, here
little tufts of green scattered
on the dandelion banks
the magical treasure-
to be colored with chalk
taken to school
touched and cooed over
the secret place
remains ours

Tough and Tender

tough and tender
like an artichoke
like a cactus
prickly and vulnerable
soft on the inside
or maybe a truffle
chocolate shell crumbles
sweet in the middle
worth the effort?

Apr 13, 2009

Gray Skies

living with gray
hungering for shadows  
lusting for reflection
remembering desert sunsets
bare feet on hot sand 
arms bared 
eyes protected
where is the sun?

Eagle's Lunch

swift eagle plunge
half dead chicken
like so many things these days
baby eaglets' lunch
our dilemma
haunting choices
in world gone mad

Cookie Love

cookie love is about duckies
and sugar quail and butterflies
made in  a long weekend
for people who say
why don 't you sell them
confusing love with commerce
what will we all remember
little bunnies decked out 
with their ears chewed off

Apr 7, 2009


Photograph by Michael S. Yamashita


those who heal without your help
those you abandon
those you pray for
those who wake you up in the night 
those whose ghost flits in and out
those who send you images in dreams
those who scent the soil
those whose face appears in your reflection
all of them

Apr 1, 2009


the dream:
parchment butterflies
all lined up
what shall I call them
pressure to name them
do not forget do not forget
parchment butterflies-elusive

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