Jun 20, 2011

Like a circle in a spiral....

from Magpie Tales

like a whirling dervish
life spins
like a fast running stream
time passes
like a carousel
joy circles
like a blink of an eye
moments are lost
like lightning
love strikes
like denim
images fade
like chalk on a sidewalk
life passes
only we can choose to remember

Jun 13, 2011

Briny Metaphors

photo from Magpie Tales

spun out of the sea
it reminds us
of summer
of treasures
of youth
of cycles
of time

hard and soft
delicate and sturdy
endless briny metaphors

Jun 8, 2011

Optical Hardware

photo from Magpie Tales

sitting all alone staring up at the cosmos
without a point of view
hardly encourages deep thoughts
without my socket I am lost
left to stare and stare
optically competent  
yet needing insight and direction 

without my twin and the muse
I am only hardware

Jun 1, 2011

Anything but This

from Magpie Tales

she longed to flee
from the silly lute player
the pompous men
her limitations
she dreamed of muddy legs
grand vistas and the sea

running wild and naked
in dark endless forests
filled with beasts

anything but this