Mar 31, 2009


daring little bud
smothered with snow
buffeted by winds
stepped on near the footpath
persevere, persevere
it murmurs
at last a cold bright sun
go for it
jump out there
stand tall
make them bend to you

Mar 30, 2009

Augsburg 1970
by gator2854

cobble stone bumps
wet snow sticking to eyelashes
giant renaissance doors
scent of old wax
slivers of warm light
faint bell tones
ghosts of old ones
fairy tales and buried dreams
walled city 


"shift" by joan tucker

empty tank
lucky dog
bliss potion
not deciding
flow go


photo by joan tucker
marred by
in the way 
of hope
passing through
slow down
ever touch a barnacle?

Mar 29, 2009

Turn Turn Turn

No better love than love with no object,
no more satisfying work than work with no purpose,

A secret turning in us
makes the universe turn.
Head unaware of feet,
and feet head. Neither cares.
They keep turning.


Chimes, Gongs, Silence

chime in 
tune out
hear the breeze
quiet thunder
call of the gong
lone loon
no known source
dinner bell
coming home

Mar 27, 2009

Making Pink

Making Pink

Fresh picked strawberries rubbed on white linen with little fingers

Ladies who Lunch

ladies who lunch
no hats big hearts
laments and laughter
little scars big scares
women who perspire
women who inspire
ladies who launch
antipasto platter
no worries

Mar 26, 2009

Crow Woman manychipcrow.jpg

my crows follow me everywhere
nagging, egging me on, taunting
caw caw, pay attention
we are the keepers of the sacred law
laughing amongst themselves.. little jokes
hopping to internal street beats
chewing on gum wrappers and carrion
charmers, old as time


From the summits of heaven
she looked into the pit,
she was a god on the summits of heaven
but her heart was in hell,
O Inanna, on the summits,
your heart in hell!
This lady left earth and heaven
and went down into the pit,
power and titles she left,
she went down into the pit..


waiting for white, red flecked peony
waiting for sun
waiting for enlightenment
waiting to get old
waiting to soar
waiting to find the words
waiting waiting

Mar 25, 2009


Lilacs in Santa Fe
Orchids drooping on orange branches in Coral Gables
Tiger lilies near a brook in Massachusetts
Fireweed fields waving in the breezes in Eagle River
Gardenias covering a bush in Hawaii