Oct 28, 2014

Turn Left

Turn left or right?

this road is frozen
slippery and there's fog
like life never clear enough 

to always choose 
right or left

sometimes shadowy figures 
appear blocking the way
stuff happens just happens 
it seems
out of the blue or gray

meanwhile we are moving forward always
no choice in this fog or no fog
we travel making slight corrections 
but always wanting to choose
landscapes coming and going

stop signs and dim lights
but always forward
maybe now a left turn
maybe not.

Jan 27, 2014


throw the critic to the wind
and paint
paint like a mad woman
paint like a sprite
paint with passion
paint with fear
paint the towers
the darkest secrets
paint the plains
and the tundra
paint spirals and flowers
and saints
paint the dark and unknown
paint the sacred and sublime
paint for yourself
paint with love
paint like a baby
paint like a crone
but above all
touch the surface
with your heart

Jan 16, 2014


moon, searing into the soul
illuminating the hidden path
challenging the weakened will
she who shines with boldness
daring us to reach to grow
no excuse no darkness
dreams stand up and be counted
she who enlightens

A wish...

Read " The Safety Pin Cafe" by Moihana Calizar



A wish...

I wish for the medicine to heal the sad and lonely, to soothe the minds that race and distort. I I wish for a salve to quiet the anxious and the sick and a tincture for the delusional and disquieted. I wish for a medicinal pouch to bring peace and serenity to those shaken and harmed and a secret blessing for those facing losses. I wish the Safety Pin Cafe would lead folks to a better place and heal their souls like the apple pie healed the faceless lady. the gypsy

Jan 2, 2014

This Age

she was a library
a jump drive
an old photo album

she remembered
meals from her youth
and her favorite boots

she dreamed of old Chevies
summer trips to NYC
her first pineapple

she could smell
the old lilacs and
cider freshly milled

she lives in the here
and now only rarely
falling into the past

she hopes to live to
be an old crone
hoarding the memories