Nov 17, 2010

Ms Eleven

Magpie Tales
she was an eleven
in every way
idealistic and visionary

better than ten
the light bearer
and peacemaker

the master number
why then
was she so lost

she longed to be a three
or a five or even a seven
longing for conflict
and imperfection.

Nov 14, 2010

The Snoop

Magpie Tales

not from Penny's or the 5 and dime
this was foreign stuff
auntie left in on the bed
glamorous as heck
draped from my neck
some strange guy on the pendant
auntie has been around my father says
she wears capes and has a passport

now to look in her suitcases

Nov 5, 2010

Chickens in Paradise

awake in the tropics
local rooster singing
plumeria and ginger
swaddle the cottage
a swag of bananas
decorates the doorway
geckos scurry at morning light
wild herd of chickens
dash through the garden
hundreds of  translucent bugs
stuck to the ceiling

another view of paradise.