Oct 31, 2010

Village Halloween

country halloween
bundled head to toe
cider and maple leaf air
crunchy paths
long unlit country roads
sparse farm houses
candy in paper sack
no fears of  poison
parading around
village common- then
home to counting the loot

Oct 20, 2010


Magpie Tales
hand sliding down hip
slow recognition of shape
sneaking glances in mirror
what was this
these curves
the flat places had filled out
there were little gullies 
round tussocks
what did a girl do 
with all of this?

Oct 19, 2010


for Magpie Tales

in the dark
it's  easy to dream
easy to roll into a ball
and spin gossamer blindfolds
across your eyes

nothing can get you in here
you nestle with closed suitcases
and old cigar boxes
a decaying uniform
serves as blanket

thumps and creaks interrupt
the sensation of safety
old tunes weave in and out
like background music

yet the light beckons
bringing messages of possibilities
new trails, new monsters
maybe a new song or two
you ever so slowly  venture out

Truth Drug

trying to find some honesty
searching for a truth drug
poking into hidden corners
uncovering some secrets
opening boxes of moldy letters
reading between the lines
peering at the photos

all the secrets, lies and mysteries
are mine.

The Sax Player

in childhood, I remember
golden sax between his knees
round glasses perched on his nose
he wailed me a tune
all deep and mysterious
now he's gone
no trace of the saxophone
no trace of him
only a letter

will the music conjure him up?