May 30, 2009

Kind Heart ../InnerLight.jpg

kind heart
gentle presence
passing through
like a falling leaf
like a shaft of light
like a spider's web
soft, effortless
I think
we need more of that

May 16, 2009

Honoring she who...

she who remembers birthdays
and graduations

she who delivers funny lines 
with a serious face

she who listens 
to the truth, tales and outright lies 

she who carries all the stories
even the hard ones

she who has a tender center
and a resilient cover

she who perseveres 
in a ring of fire

she who made a life
out of pure determination

she who writes haiku 
and lives outside the lines


"An old pond
 A frog jumps in
 The sound of water"

Matsuo Basho


May 12, 2009


speaking gives way 
to forming shapes
allowing the silence 
to ignite the
muse within
new territory
beginner's mind
groping, stumbling 

May 11, 2009

Spirit Lake

she told stories about
inuits  and 
swimming holes
Berlin after the war
poor people and 
civil rights

she wove tales 
of courage and ethics
of service and joy

she gave me a burl
from Spirit Lake
before Helen blew
her stack

she called out
have it good..

in memory:  Mary Lee N

She who...

colors clashing
acrylic yarn
no itchy wool for her
mix it  up 
express yourself
shout out 
her world 
as tight as a drum
knit one purl two
no will ever
ever hear the rage

afghans do speak


under the maple
knees ground in soil
silk scarf wiping tears off stone
echoes of gruffness
longing for connection
waiting my turn 

May 10, 2009

Mothers Day

lonely sleepy nights 
bouncing colicky baby
agony at
little league 
your kid on the bench
prom dress shopping and hysteria
algebra tutoring with 
resulting brain drain
sobbing daughter
on the couch
donating toilet paper 
for first apartment
birth of grandchild

mothers day indeed

May 8, 2009


wishes, dreams
maybes, some days,
in the future, down the road
are trumped by
today, soon,
next, immediately, 
currently, now

some sage said:
just do it!