Dec 30, 2010


magpie tales

they carry the memories
the scent of Florence
arthritic fingers
ease into elegance
youth is restored
dreaming of via guicciardini

Dec 15, 2010

The Cathedral

Magpie Tales-Tess Kincaid

cold, stone cold
doors large enough
for horses and carriages  
pray in your coach option 
for the aristocracy

the scent of beeswax
smoldering prayers
woolen coats, mittens
for the common folk
sore knees, frozen noses

organ sounds and crystal voices
piercing the nave
images in glass
reminding the sinners
of the possibilities

Dec 10, 2010

Hell Racers

from Magpie Tales

cows had carved out the paths
in summer we picked violets there
in winter it was glazed with ice
treacherous on the curves
too close to the partially frozen pond
the sledding course was dangerous
passing for little girls
bundled in our pastel snowsuits
we were hell racers
screaming as we flew
trudging back up again and again 
until near dark
mom's call to dinner
ruined it