Jan 20, 2011

On the Road Again 2011

road trip down the coast
worries blown away
long before Gold Beach
hopes and dreams
launched in Marin County
youth restored in Pismo Beach
dreamy nirvana in Palm Springs
back to the earth in Tonopah
ancient merchant in Tucson

Willie Nelson eat your heart out..

Jan 17, 2011


Real runestones were carved primarily as commemorative markers, either of living people, or loved or respected persons who had died. They were sometimes used as crossroad markers, or to impart messages. A great many of them were destroyed by Christian priests and monks at the time of conversion of each country. The priests viewed them as reminders of the pagan past. More have been broken up for construction material by those who did not recognize their historical significance. The present day hazard is defacement by vandals. Carved runestones have been found primarily in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Iceland, with a few others scattered elsewhere. Each year one or two more rune stones are discovered or rediscovered in Sweden.

the birch
a big B
calls to me
whispers spring 
moon light
buds green

    Jan 13, 2011

    The Piano

    Magpie Tales

    front foyer
    always closed off
    colored leaded window
    piano stacked with books, canning jars
    newspapers, seed catalogs
    and sheet music
    a five year old sitting there
    propped on stool all straight and professional
    hammering on those keys
    studying the marks on the yellowed page

    dreams are made of this

    Jan 7, 2011

    Connecticut River Valley

    resiny scent of tobacco
    onions drying in piles on silty soil
    sweat mixed with spilled lemonade
    drunk from a jug
    flowing with the Connecticut
    voices, english, polish, ukrainian
    scratches from the long wooden slats
    up and down the rows
    up and down the rows
    everybody worked
    men, women, old , young
    relatives from New York City

    Jan 6, 2011

    Ms Marple

    squishing clay and listening to Ms Marple
    wishing I were more malleable
    is it necessary to always be prepared
    could one simply be squishy
    being a girl scout is such a drag
    wondering about spontaneity
    making little porcelain bells
    Poirot is next