Jan 25, 2010

Crow Friend

Hey crow hey crow
what ya goin do
when they come for you

you actin like a tough dude
but I know better
you just shared my mc muffin

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Waiting for Spring

Jan 16, 2010

Swans and Haiti

giant white wings
angels in the valley
everywhere white clusters
of geese and swans

same planet
in Haiti misery and death
in Skagit nature's glory

no sense no order
gusty winds blowing
confusion and helplessness
giving over

Jan 14, 2010


Such complete unbearable suffering added to decades of pain and grief; Haiti's people need our prayers and our help. It is hard to carry on when one knows that such death and destruction is
happening not so far away. Our world is pretty small and we are all a heartbeat away from the ravages of nature, war, and hunger. May the aid being sent help in to some degree their suffering.

Jan 3, 2010


into the new-
new year new attitude
unsteadily lurching into the next
wondering if I can recreate
myself anew

that old trick
used brazenly many times
new year new girl
new journal pages
new lists on the fridge
new underwear from Macy's
newly sharpened pencils
new health foods

only questions are
where does the old me go
what happens to
the old attitudes
the over worked dreams
the unfinished projects
the socks with no mates
the clothes that don't fit

where do I store the old me
while I conjure up a new version?
and what if I need the old me again?