Jul 22, 2013


Ashfield Lake

off to camp tomorrow
an art camp with grownups
remembering ashfield lake
muggy hot and wildly humid
bed rolls hitched with safety pins

list of duties posted on the fridge
Girl Scout songs and s'mores
canoe classes, fearful of water
hanging out at the store
ogling tough guys and a jukebox

eleven, skinny, and shy
hopelessly unaware of the big life
she would soon fall into
far away from the maple covered hills
and their seductive magic

Jul 12, 2013

Summer Magic

Summer Magic

dreamy pink and sleepy blue
calling all to the garden
sniff the mint
caress the basil
count the baby zukes
steal some raspberries
watch the bunny
measure the climbing purple beans
ah yes, summer in the Northwest
dreamy, short and magical

Jul 10, 2013

The Open Road

The Open Road

like a line to infinity
like the memory of a dream

stretching past the humdrum
entering the mystery of story

where does the road go?
what is possible now?

the white line calls out
beckoning the willing

seductive siren of tar
magician of time and space

Jul 6, 2013


Tree  c 2013 Joan Tucker


colors, lines, marks, scrapes
gouges, swirls, dots, bumps

burning, smoothing, removing, 
adding, layering, dividing

excited, delighted, transformed, 
surprised, enchanted, relieved
whew art

Somewhere Else

Somewhere Else

a glimpse, a peek, a slice
of life outside
the normal state of affairs

craving to be
somewhere else,

longing to travel
somewhere else,

hoping to feel
something else

wanting to imagine
something else

yearning  to create
something else

exploring this lust
for somewhere else

Jul 5, 2013

Running Away

Running Away

van all packed and prepped
little green tent loaded

longing for escape
windy beaches, hard sand

away from computers
phone calls,the news

only childlike exuberance
telling stories, humming tunes

some days need to flee
away away sad bad mad

let's gas her up and roll