Jun 25, 2009

Big Heart

big face
big laugh
big heart
healer woman
matters to many
changed things

may she be in beauty and peace

Jun 24, 2009



ice slipped over branches
like gloves
each breath crystalizing
in the throat
silence broken only
by crunching steps
a frozen shine, an altar
waiting for the prayers
of the pilgrims

Dream II

crossing the bridge
mountain mists
hovering over path
like ghosts
coming along for the ride
red rings circling
the birches
careful with each step
Irish moss
bouncy to the touch
flag up ahead
signaling a

change of course


www.catnaps.org/islamic/ islamimages/12inlay.jpg

silver inlaid on mahogany doors
white shoes to go
with the dress
kisses and longing
big old conference table
tiny apartment
low ceilings
driving madly
down rutted road
sweetness and exuberance
quite the dream

Jun 23, 2009


have it easy
learning to let go
of permanence

a wave rolling in and out
a sunset dazzling and disappearing
a peony- diva fluff then wilted away
new snow fresh then trampled
a family reunion and leaving alone

no holding on
no grasping
only this moment and eternity

Jun 21, 2009

The Maze

starwon.com.au/ ~cfrench/Maze.jpg

messy love
complicated devotion
reluctant restraint
silenced views
controlled passions
diminished influence
circular dialogue
endless hope
unparalleled admiration
the maze

parenting grown children

Culture Clash

artificial safety
illusions of sameness
removal of conflict
structured peace
passionate reflection
art as escape
fake bliss
artist not warrior
contradictions abound

what to do?
what to think?
how to act?

Jun 15, 2009



falling, falling
plummeting over a cliff
reaching for a rope
a ledge, a toehold
cannot make everybody happy
cannot make everybody safe
so fall it is

what can I see
on the way down?

what can I learn on the way down?

have I come this way before?

Jun 1, 2009

She Who Sits

she who sits 
in leather
her beauty
not skin deep
eyes that hear you
ears that see you
rarely words
a vessel of compassion
slowly slowly unsheathing
your heart
endless gratitude