Nov 28, 2009


our greenman stands guard
over the garden
season in season out
watching life
witnessing new growth
recording bee hums
counting the daffs
birds shit on him
his skin rusts
nothing phases him
he just stands and waits

I could learn from him

Nov 26, 2009

Thanksgiving 09

waiting for the balloons
in Herald Square
stuffing the turkey
wiping down the counters
listening for memories

over the river and thru the woods
I am that place now
tried a new chutney
I already know
they will hate it.

Nov 22, 2009


photo by betterlivingwithherbs...
dreaming about detachment

armed with layers of connections
duties, responsibilities, shoulds
fully weighed down

wondering what detaching unleashes
naked of the chains, what follows

would one float away like a
freefloating dream?

like dandelion fluff

Nov 9, 2009

Crow Woman revisted

my crows follow me everywhere
nagging, egging me on, taunting
caw caw, pay attention
we are the keepers of the sacred law
laughing amongst themselves.. little jokes
hopping to internal street beats
chewing on gum wrappers and carrion
charmers, old as time

Nov 7, 2009


only a few yellow leaves hang on
deck covered with crimson
webs span all the doors
spider girls spinning like mad
fairy lights hung in all the corners
cider simmers with cinnamon
searching for yam recipes
checked out cheap flights to Mexico

Must be November in Washington


Edvard Munch. Anxiety, 1894. Munch Museum, Oslo

investigate using more whole grains
check election results
get celica to the shop
call my senator
worry about health care bill
research Green River flooding
create something in studio
find new sources of protein
cry over over Ft Hood shootings

practice serenity
be transcendent?

Nov 5, 2009


Tea cups in hand
we lean in towards each other

The stories are eagerly waiting
they need to come out

Such joy at connecting
yet always a risk-never easy

Ah yes common ground
we are not alone

Ah yes women survive
even thrive

The stories are indeed
all that we have.