Oct 27, 2013

The Sixties

The Sixties

she laughs as she tells the story,

little irish catholic girl,
drove west from Boston,

arrived in the Haight,
pink dress, pink shoes, pink purse,

hair curled just right,
from rollers at night,

friends pull up a mattress,
pass her a joint,

San Fran the city of love,
oh my goodness,

this is going to be,
quite a trip,

for kt with hoots of laughter



johnson brothers,
blue and white,
not flow blue,
not old,
not imported,
but in any case,
kept in the antique cabinet,
used for Easter ham,
and Thanksgiving bird,

imagine my surprise
when I saw
the real thing
all crisp and creamy
blue slightly off

many miles and
antique shops later
I still get a chill
when I come upon
some hidden
on the back shelf

blue and white



girl scout meeting,
wearing the uniform,
world's my oyster,
everything is green,
small town sounds,
long sidewalk route,
spring maples,
mist on the hills,
about supper time,
being twelve,
and feeling magical,

only time,
can change that

Oct 23, 2013

The dye pot

The Dye Pot

on the couch
on the hotseat
of my own choosing

yearning to live
leaving red hot drive
for slow motion

wanting intimacy
and stories
and joyful peaceful walks

needing to cry away
the past the legacies
the dictums

cast out a lifetime
of struggle and miseries
for grace and ease

needing to steep my self
in walnuts and euco leaves
stain my very soul

need to cover my self
and make silk dresses
from the same dye pot

it is time to stop and feel
stop and live
slow down and ramble

get lost in parking lots
talk to cows and
answer back my crows

it is time to peel off the armor
lay naked in leaves
feel the earth leach into my skin
it is definitely time for change

Oct 2, 2013

Tree Mother

Oh Tree Mother

Oh Tree Mother wrapping your arms around the birds and squirrels and frogs , please continue to support us with your life giving oxygen. You filter and clean our air and slow the winds and bind the soil and give us shelter. We thank you for your being. You are our family and when you are cut we feel the pain as we should. Please continue to whistle in the wind and sway with the breeze. We are healthy and joyful in your presence.