Aug 5, 2010

The Silk

gold threads held tightly in rigid rows
by deep blue silk soldiers
shimmering bamboo
was the sound emitted
stiff and tough
though wholly elegant
waiting for a muse
to stitch it into something
that can travel


jasper johns

it reminded me of old calligraphy
of maps roughly drawn
there was a dingy veil over it

obscuring some truth
my shoulders ached as I stared
just paint and canvas
no big deal anyone could do it
welling up big tears and a mild shaking
art as I know it

Aug 4, 2010

These Dogs

 photo by e hudyma 2010

these dogs don't care about
whole foods
arms control
triglyceride levels
pullout from iraq
social security
these dogs just care about
adoring you
walking over the bridge
running up the path
climbing that hill
riding in the car
water in the creek

these dogs got their priorities straight

for em


evidence of the holiness of things
proof that beauty exists
treatise on the natural world
notes from the dreamstate
report on the state of peace
study on black and white
model of  loveliness
image of purity
the peony


 magpie tales

eyeball, breast, lock
what are you?

memories are sorting
images are clearing
the story is forming
a huge wooden door
rough and weathered
entry to a garden
roses spilling over the wall
honeysuckle breathing
apothecary scents
lilies seeking sex
and the music
low tones of bees
high notes of birds
the green carpet
speckled with clover
in a darkened corner
a cool stone bench

babylon, shangrila
for me-
a secret garden